Female Mannequin Reviews

Tonight we are going to review the different models of female mannequins; however, I must warn you that this is an uneasy process. The female mannequins aren’t just pieces of wood or plastic where we would otherwise value the durability and price as the only factors. Here we have to deal with another aspect, which is beauty. Indeed, the best mannequins are these that look good and realistic too.

If we make it into the percentage ratio, the distribution would be as follows. 60% for the actual appearance, 20% for durability and 20% for the price. Why price factor receives such a small percentage here? This is actually quite simple: even if the mannequin is more expensive but durable enough, and provides some fantastic looks, in the long run you would earn much more from selling the clothes that are displayed on it (or on her). And so, here are the actual reviews:

I’ve bought my realistic female mannequins from the Mannequin Mall shopping center. To be honest, they really looked fantastic, and being a man, sometimes I was even temped to abuse them. Not that I would actually do something nasty to these mannequin dolls, but to be honest, from time to time I just couldn’t stop these thoughts running through my head.

Even if I didn’t think of abusing them by myself, sometimes I was even getting paranoid that someone else may wish to do the same. Whenever you dress them up with some cloth, they look like real women, especially from the back. What I loved the most is the hair texture, as it not only looked great, but was also quite soft to touch. And for such a low price as $199 I really couldn’t think of any other options. Even if they sold them for like $399, I would still get my favorite dummies from Mannequin Mall.

Bought the female dolls for my small fashion studio from a well-known online supplier. The model name was MM-ROS8. By far, I think this was the hottest mannequin model available in the whole internet, and getting them for as cheap as $199 bucks really made my day happier!